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We have so far observed 9-12 distinct morphological classes as defined by motor neurons that elaborate morphologically similar dendrites and target functionally related muscle subsets [Kim et. al, Dev. Biol. 2009]. Despite morphological similarities, the origin and axonal projection patterns of these motor neurons have been well characterized and are invariant [Landgraf et. al, J. Neurosci 1997; Schmid et. al, Development 1999], providing a reliable foundation for the unambiguous identification of single motor neurons in this project.

imaging single neurons

The individual motor neurons are unambiguously identified from the collapsed stack images (2D), according to the following criteria: (a) target muscle, (b) terminal synaptic bouton morphology, and (c) soma position. Motor neurons are named by target muscle and bouton type according to the findings in [Kim et. al, Dev. Biol. 2009; Hoang and Chiba, Dev. Biol. 2001].